All achievements and developments of
modern ophthalmology – now in Odessa!

Vision is a most treasured gift given by Nature to humans. EXCIMER Clinic will help everyone to preserve this gift or to get back the luxury to see world clear and bright!

Cataract treatment at EXCIMER Clininc

Get rid of cataract once and for all! Modern sutureless technology with a micro-incision of 1.8 mm. Most advanced models of intra-ocular lenses at your disposal. Excellent visual properties and new life quality!

Laser correction at EXCIMER Clinic

Laser correction at EXCIMER Clinic is most progressive and effective way to get rid of near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism! Unique Femto-LASIK technique – now in Odessa!

Children Ophthalmology

Perfect vision means happy future! Paediatric ophthalmology at EXCIMER Clinic – all most progressive for young eyes: diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatments using most sparing procedures assisted by unique equipment array.

EXCIMER Ophthalmotologic Clinic
 — new approach to vision problems solution!

EXCIMER Ophthalmotologic Clinics Network now in Odessa! For over 15 years EXCIMER has provided wide range of high-tech ophthalmologic services such as: Laser vision correction, ultrasonic cataract phacoemulsification, laser and surgical treatment of glaucoma, strabismus, retinal disorders and corneal abnormalities.

EXCIMER Ophthalmologic Clinic in Odessa offers services incorporating all latest achievements of world eye care and treatments aimed to provide the best treatment with maximum comfort. All that possible thanks to the use of unique techniques, state-of-the-art equipment array, cutting edge diagnostics and treatment methods and high qualified doctors.

Our ophthalmologists will provide necessary assistance to both, those who have common ordinary problems and the patients who have complicated cases demanding special, sometimes unconventional approach.

We welcome everyone and will assist in getting good eyesight back thus improving life quality!

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My son was diagnosed to have amblyopia. How this disease could have developed?
My daughter’s left eye has innate myopia )-6), while the right eye is +1. Is it dangerous?
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